Why Bonita Shop?

When I knew I was going to lose my hair, I purchased a variety of turbans and chemo caps. I found they were either too uncomfortable, expensive, colourless, and made from low quality fabrics.

Hair is a symbol of beauty, style, confidence, personality and I was so afraid to lose that while I was going through my treatment. So I decided to create my own turbans and I loved it. They made me feel beautiful and stylish, and I never felt judged as a cancer patient.

The name Bonita means beautiful in Spanish, my native language. And the reason why I use that name is that I want to share that same beauty and empowerment with other women when they wear Bonita's headbands and turbans. 

When women are experiencing the chemotherapy side effects of hair loss, Bonita's turbans and headbands have much to offer in providing comfortable and colourful headwear to help some feel beautiful while they face the challenges ahead.


This is why Bonita Shop products were created!

Have a look to our beautiful range of products and remember...

"You are beautiful yesterday, today and tomorrow"


Love, Macarena