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Macarena chose "Bonita" for her business's name as it's Spanish for 'Beautiful', a key word from her daily mantra during her cancer treatment - 'you are beautiful yesterday, today and tomorrow'.

During her battle with cancer, her love for sewing resurfaced as a way to heal herself.

From turbans to headbands, and bandanas, I love to create different styles of headwear for women to brighten their days and make them feel beautiful.

"All our Products are Handmade in Melbourne by Migrant Women"
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Meet Macarena

Meet Macarena - a Chilean dynamo who made her way to Australia in 2016. With a business engineer background, she found her true calling in social enterprise. Her mission? Empowering migrant women through hands-on training, so they can soar to success.

But, life had a different plan for Macarena. In her late 30s, she received a scary diagnosis - breast cancer. The fight was tough, and she lost her beautiful hair in the process.

As a survivor, Macarena knows firsthand how much hair loss can hurt one's self-esteem. But, she never lost her spark. Instead, she channeled her creative side and founded Bonita Shop.

This brand creates fabulous headwear for women that are not only stylish but also comfortable. Macarena is a true inspiration, and her fighting spirit is woven into every piece of Bonita Shop.