Macarena Story

In December 2020 I found a small pea sized lump in my right breast. I mentioned it to my partner and he seriously advised me "You have to see a doctor NOW”. I made an appointment for December 21 ... I remember it well as it was two days before my 38th birthday.

The GP order an ultrasound, and a mammogram/biopsy if needed. Unfortunately no appointments were available until the new year, so we travel to Adelaide as planned for the festive holidays.

To my horror, a week later I discovered the lump had grown to the size of a small potato and the breast skin appeared bruised. I panicked!.. So I attended A and E, where they reassured was nothing to worry about. I then googled my symptoms and the redness is a known sign of breast cancer, although I still had hope that it was not.

On the 2nd of January, I finally had a mammogram and ultrasound after my GP insisting that it was required even though I was under 40 years of age. A few days later, I consulted with my GP.

This is when things became real! Her expressions became huge and she said to me "You need to go to a breast surgeon NOW".  It was the second time I heard the word "Now" in less than a month, and that word became a crucial word during the next 2 months.

The next day I was sitting in a private cancer clinic, waiting for my breast surgeon appointment. By that time the lump was a tumour 6cm in size... and the word Cancer became a fact. The surgeon recommended a biopsy and an appointment with an IVF clinic. Everything was so fast that I didn't realise what was happening... I just remember asking the Doctor if I was going to lose my hair... and I cried.

Over the course of a month I received IVF, PET scan, body scanner, biopsy, and chemo treatment. I was diagnosed with a very aggressive inflammatory cancer known as oestrogen and HER2 +, in my right breast and axillary lymph nodes which had been growing for at least a year.

It was hard to believe my body did not recognise it, did not fight it, and let it grow until it affected an organ, the skin. This is the sign the body communicated to me that there was something wrong.

The treatment journey was long, including 6 months of chemo, reconstruction surgeries and 6 weeks of radiotherapy. Every chemo treatment has different side effects and I certainly suffer many of them. One of the most distressing side effects was the lost my hair. Losing my hair meant losing my confidence to go out, looking at the mirror and not recognising myself and being labelled as a cancer patient. 

But my body never let me down, my body was with me through everything. I continued to work and walk my dog. I used the energy from the deepest storage in my soul to keep myself alive, to smile every day and to share special time with my loved ones.

I always believe that cancer comes to us for a reason, and my story is not different from what I believe. So I knew there was something in my spiritual level that needed help, love, and forgiveness. This led me to engage in spiritual healing so I could heal my soul, body, and mind from this unknown source that was causing cancer. The healing journey was long, deep and many tears were released. My new NOW is that my birth star is connected from the earth to the Universe, where it belongs.

I NOW have a second chance at life, yes I do... and I feel I'm on my true and authentic life path. Thanks to cancer and to my spiritual growth, I learned how to live more in the present, where to spend my energy, to listen, and be more aware.

I'm grateful for the life I'm living.